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“There is a lot that we could share with Cambodia”

The ties between Cambodia and India are deep rooted in history and the two countries have long been considered traditional partners. India established formal dipl...Read More

 From the Great White North to Takhmao
 The week at the CSX (Issue 147)
 The time at the top
 Uncle Sam and the Kingdom
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Learning new skills

For 22 farmers from Kampong Cham province, the chance to participate in a study tour and learn new techniques from successful agricultural operations could result...Read More

 On their own
 Milled rice boost
 World's Best Rice award for 2012
 United we stand and export
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“Our regional track record of success can be replicated here”

Cambodians may not be familiar yet with the relatively new life insurance market in the Kingdom, but this is most likely to change with yesterday’s official...Read More

 Life insurance market gets new playing team
 Inner Development Gap
 Official tour
 Retail revolution
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Keeping the drills humming

While Cambodia’s robust economic growth and the current rebound of the construction sector are likely to continue, experts and officials have expressed conc...Read More

 Slow is good
 Construction comeback
 The struggle over standards
 "We have the opportunity to do more, but we lack the means "
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Promoting growth, tackling inequality

There is a new person at the helm of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Cambodia. In October, ADB announced Eric Sidgwick was taking over as country director, re...Read More

 Empty nets
 Politic in brief-Issue 148
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Slow connection

While online business advertising and promotion is well established in Cambodia, the same can’t be said about buying products from those firms with a few cl...Read More

 Going digital
 Construction exhibition focuses on quality
 Mobile madness
 Money machines
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Notable Books

Nearly two years after the financial meltdown, economic recovery still seems a distant promise. Desperate, overwhelming need for change has not overcome Wash...Read More

 Notable Books
 Notable Books -145
 Notable Books - 143
 Silk Threads
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